Property Development

As our company has grown, we have expanded into the realm of property development as well as renovation with our flagship project being our 49 St Georges Road development

Our aim in this regard, is to breathe new life into our aging inner cities by revamping and repurposing existing buildings, however, where opportunities exist, to develop new and modern buildings in order to densify the inner cities and bring people closer to their places of work and nodes of transport.

The company has taken on its first property development project in the form of renovating and managing a 116-bed student residential property, namely @49StGeorges Student Complex.

This complex is situated on 49 St Georges Road, in Southernwood, East London.

This complex houses two buildings, namely ILK Sisanda House which has 48 single and sharing rooms consisting of 56 beds, and ILK Zisukhanyo House which has 30 sharing rooms with 60 beds.