Our Story

Ikamva LaKhanya (ILK) Properties (Pty) Ltd is a property development company based in East London under the directorship of Kamvelihle Ngonyama and Cebisa Ngonyama.

Who We Are

Kamvelihle Ngonyama

Cebisa Ngonyama

Sibling team, Kamvelihle Ngonyama and Cebisa Ngonyama are the founding Directors of the Company.

Having been exposed to the property sphere for all of our lives, we began a process of research into the potential of urban revitalization, especially in the inner-cities throughout the country.

From the vantage of our base city, East London, we have come to know the inner-city quite well, and having identified a number of exciting opportunities we intend on pursuing.

The first few months of the company’s existence were focused on the twin objectives of identifying potentially viable projects, as well as building networks with professionals and other property developers.

The following phase has been the implementation of our vision for the transformation of our inner cities and being an active force for good, by providing good quality urban settlements and contributing to the reversal of the much spoken of decline of urban centres, as well as provide suitable accommodation for students as well as workers in the cities in which we operate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have an impact on enhancing the quality of life in urban settlements through property development and management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide good, quality living and working spaces for our tenants, in the following fields: Student Accommodation, Commerce, Family and Individual Working Residential Housing.